Corporate Social Responsibility

Free Health Insurance as mandated by Abu Dhabi Law:

All workers have access to unrestricted Health insurance provided by Daman, a leading provider in the UAE. All workers are also covered by Keyman insurance in the case of any factory related medical emergencies. For female staff at SSFL the maternity leave and healthcare benefits go above those stipulated by UAE Law with up to 4 months of leave and an AED 250,000 annual coverage limit.

Extended Leave benefits for Blue Collar Staff:

The standard practice in the UAE is to allow workers 2 months off for every two years of service completed. At SSFL we understand that blue-collar occupations in the UAE are extremely rigorous and so the standard duration of leave at SSFL is three months off for every 2 years of completed service to ensure adequate recovery.

Comfortable Accommodation for blue-collar staff:

All of our blue-collar staff has been provided accommodation at the Al-Dhafra worker village located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD II). The staff has access to catered food, free laundry, free room-cleaning service and free Wi-Fi and cable. The extra level of comfort.